EB 80 the new electro pneumatic system

Metal Work, one of Signal’s main customers, is an Italian company that has been working in pneumatics for more than 50 years. They developed an electrical pneumatic system called EB 80. It takes its name from the 80th birthday anniversary of Erminio Bonatti, the company’s founder.

In order to design, create and program the electronics for EB 80, which are essential for the functioning of the system, Metal Work contracted Signal SRL because of our 25-year experience in this sector.

Signal developed the software for all the boards, from the master to the slaves. Moreover, we developed PC software to read the 4.0 diagnostic data for the update of all the slave boards.

EB 80 is a modular system that the operator can assemble and program based on the purpose of the desired machine. It can be used for industrial automation, as It is able to collect and process a large amount of data.

Defining EB 80 as a “solenoid valve island” would be reductive because:

EB 80 is therefore an optimal component, thanks to its capabilities, in the field of Industry 4.0, that predicts and prevents faults, avoiding downtime.

Further details can be found on Metal Work’s website http://www.metalwork.it/pneumatic-components/eb-80-0001236.html

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