i-control the program that manages and monitors your hosiery machines and jersey circular knitting machines

What is this application?
i-control is a Web Application for the collection and analysis of production data from hosiery machines. Simple, but with every fundamental function. It answer the critical questions: how many socks did i produce? Which machines are the least efficient, and why? How do shifts affect productivity?


How does it work?
i-control overview

The program receives information from connected machines through an Ethernet connection, built in to all Signal hardware machines, and saves it to a local database on a central server. The central server is a personal computer on which the software i-control is installed. The network is a simple Ethernet system (cabling, router, etc.).




What does it offer?
i-control chart

The data received from the machines is saved and analysed. Within the application there are easy ways to visualize key information, such as Efficiency, Stops, and Production. These are shown in order of importance to highlight focal points (Pareto).




Managing Production ?
i-control data

Production can be remotely managed by telling machines the type of sock to produce, or by chaining various articles present in the machines (Type and quality). It also possible to upload new files onto the machine to be produced. If a machine has a locally designed article, it can be downloaded on the server. These function connect the machine to a ‘factory 4.0’’ environment



Reports and printing?
i-control report

With the Reporting Tool many different report can be accessed and personalized by the customer, to show the overall state of the system and machines. The results of these reports can be printed in various formats such as:


odbcThe database (PostgreSQL) where the data is saved can be externally accessed. This gives the client full control of the data and the ability to manipulate it and analyse it externally, for more accurate and personalized analyses.


multitargeti-control, as a Web application, is compatible with all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc…) It is also responsive, and thus adapts to the resolution of the screen of the device utilized.



Download latest software version from this link.