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Research and Development

Signal is an Original Design Manufacturer working in the electronic field. The typical selling point for customers is thus the design and development of products. Signal’s technologies and design know-how deserves a chapter onto themselves. Read more.

Validation and Certification

Signal utilizes a complete set of instruments to test the quality of products in its R&D lab, where tests such as vibration tests and EMC-EMI pre-compliance can be conducted. A working partnership with external labs for EMC-EMI compliance has been a key feature of Signal design and development.

Process and Product Industrialization

The design process utilizes DFM and DFT methodologies to optimize production time and cost while also guaranteeing no defects. Signal customers can utilize this service to improve their production process to reduce time and cost of production, while improving quality.

Maintenance of existing equipment

A product can require maintenance and modifications throughout its life cycle. Many different activities can help with the evolution of existing products, such as:


Signal offers its customers electronic manufacturing services such as:

Post Sales Assistance

Signal offers maintenance and assistance services after a sale, both during and after warranty.