We react to challenges

with evolving tools

Software & Hardware Engineering

Through intelligent problem solving our engineers face and work out any task in a cooperative mood with the client, even when dealing with highly complex issues. The large variety in projects and fields we work on proves our pragmatic style, as both our approach and solutions enhance our company’s knowhow, allowing us to grow and improve with every new task.

A full-service portfolio, covering the whole track from projecting to hardware production grants both quality monitoring and the proper time control in any step on the developing and manufacturing process.

Our track record of quality and reliability over thousands of pieces is a trademark of Signal, renowned and praised by all our clients.

The full testing of our machines is guaranteed by computer-guided protocols and by specially designed simulating tools.
  • Controls for the management of textile machinery, circular and flat knitting machinery, and socks and frames machinery.
  • Traditional and in-bus PLC tools for operating machine and for robotic cell automation.
  • Multi-axis interpolation controls.
  • Controls and equipment highly protected and ensured for special vehicle (i.e. fire rescue and airport vehicles)
  • CANBus PLC for automotive.
  • Encoding, decoding and customization for magnetic cards and microchip, such as credit and identity cards.
  • Terminals for data collection, remote control, and access control.
  • Systems for vending automation, for ticketing and issuing travel documents.
  • General purpose systems and modules:
    • Controls for stepper, DC current and brushless motors.
    • Driver boards for electromagnets, electric valves, piezoceramic and voice coil actuators.
    • Power supplies and DC-to-DC converters.
    • GESPAC Bus solution G-64/G-96 compatible backplanes
    • A large array of Eurocard boards for modular systems with 8/16/32 bit microprocessors.
    • Industrial PC boards for measuring and calibration.
Our software development team is composed by a set of highly experienced software engineers, ensuring a high level of reliability and ease of maintenance for the required applications. Skills include:
  • Firmware for a large number and scale of micro-control tools.
  • PC software (industrial editing, graphics, 3D, supervision, simulation).
  • All the most widespread and real-time operating systems.
  • Use of different programming languages.
  • FPGA software development.
Application Fields